We greatly appreciate your interest in joining our team. One thing we know for sure is that most people don’t realize the full scope of this job before coming on board, so we strongly encourage all candidates to schedule a time to observe the dispatch center, to see more of what we do, see what shift work is all about, and just chat with your potential co-workers. (And we’ll tell you that the job is hard, that we all make sacrifices to make it work, but we’ll also tell you that it’s worth it.)

Before scheduling an oral interview, we require our applicants to complete a typing test and an aptitude test. You may do this at any time and an appointment is not necessary. It is advised that you complete these as soon as possible, and may do so when turning in your application.

It would certainly be worth your time to brush up on your typing skills. There is a great test site that tests on KPH (keystrokes per hour) rather than WPM (words per minute), which is more realistic for this job. It’s a free test, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Check it out here. (Not advised on your mobile device.)

Washington-Yuma Combined Communications has an open application process. We accept applications at any time, even if there is not a current opening for employment. We keep all applications on file and refer to them when there is an opening.

If you would like to file an application with W-Y Comm please fill out the application forms and return to

W-Y Communications
PO Box 96
Yuma CO 80759

or fax to


We look forward to meeting you!


Washington Yuma Combined Communications Center

Download the Application and Job Description Here!