Welcome to the online home of Washington-Yuma Combined Communications!

W-Y Communications is the 911 center which covers all of Yuma and Washington counties in northeast Colorado. In other words, we are responsible for getting help, day or night, to the 15,000 people who are spread out across our 4893 square mile jurisdiction.

If you do have an emergency, please log off and dial 911. But if you don’t, take a few minutes to see what we’re about. It’s not just sitting around waiting for the 911 line to ring. While it’s true that we have four 911 lines that ring to our desk, we have an additional fifteen non-emergency lines that could ring at any time for any reason, from a lost dog to a lost child, and anything in between.

We don’t just receive calls, though. Once in a while, we send them out. We send notifications for things like emergency evacuations, missing children (more localized than the statewide AMBER alerts), and more. You will have to opt-in for these notifications, but it’s free. To begin receiving emergency alerts on your cell phone, Register for Emergency Notifications here. (There is an option with the service to pay an annual subscription, and for the 99¢  price tag is worth the expense, if you ask us.)

We also keep a list of emergency contacts for local merchants. We want to know who to call at 2:00 AM when our officer finds an open door on your business. Visit our Area Businesses page for more information.

And if you’ve made it this far, you’re clearly interested in what we’re doing here. In that case, you may be perfectly suited for Employment with us!