Area Businesses

It’s late. 12:30 AM. The officers on patrol are walking Main Street, ensuring that all the businesses are locked up for the night. But what happens when something is mistakenly left open? Who do the officers call? They call us!

At W-Y Communication, we maintain a detailed database of after-hours contacts for area businesses. We do our best to keep things up to date, but there are many businesses in Yuma and Washington counties, and it seems there are new ones being opened all the time. How do we keep up? The answer is simple: we don’t. At least, not without your help.

If you are a business owner or manager (this includes schools and churches), please download the attached key holder form and return it to us as soon as possible. You’ll see that we also ask for an email address. You will be added to a mailing list, for no other purpose than to send you a quick note every few months to make sure that your contact information is still up to date. There is nothing like calling someone to lock the door, only to find out that they left the company three years ago.

Click here to download the form, and return it as soon as you can.

Additionally, if you recently submitted key holder information, and are confident that your information is current, please sign up for our email list, and we’ll touch base with you in a few months. (The email does not contain any personal information. You are responsible for maintaining your contact information.)